miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2009

Actualización 16/12/09

"Touching ground Going home to those I miss
Safe and sound Weeks of exile turn to bliss
But there's something in her voice When she' is calling me
A trace of to lead me
Trough roads of agony With blood taste in my mouth
And clouds before my eyes
I kneel beside the bed Where my bleeding dryad lies

Three young souls in misery
Hitting ground Nausea wakes me up at dawn
Hopes are found
Dissected, turned and then
A chair of steel and wire Her legs are open wide
Helpless in myself I stand there cold beside
The doctors stay away Leave us with this dismay
To see the colours of a miracle Fade and turn to grey
Then a cry and rivers of blood Flow so sadly
bringing you
Our dreams pour into a cold tray Two young souls in misery
Missing you
I never knew your name but I will miss you just the same
I was to live for you I lost the will to live at all the day you came
It'll never be the same but I will love you just the same
You were to be the first, how wonderful
Now I will always fear to hope again
The irony Of seeing me whispering through her skin
So joyfully To our child there deep within
Or of when she called to me To tell me cheerfully
That she had seen our shape On a hospital screen
And of nurses being concerned That you never moved or turned
Too late we see the warning Too late we learn
I never saw your face and now you're gone without a trace
Except the trace of blood that's deeply scarred into my eyes To fill your place
It'll never be the same but I will love you just the same
I was prepared to be your father How can I ever prepare for that again?
Still I follow that trace of blood Always leading back to you
Hollow years of damming that flood Two young souls in misery
Missing you... missing you..."

Pain of Salvation, A Trace of Blood

grupo que me ha sorprendido para bien, sobretodo esta cancion...

Orden del día
1- Probablemente el nombre de nuestra banda, al haber demasiados grupos con el nombre "Carpe Diem", tras una ocurrencia aparecida estos ultimos días, podría pasar a llamarse "Full of Anger". Pendiente de confirmación, aunque es lo más seguro.
2- Pasado mañana concierto de Quique Gonzalez!!! Impaciente por que llegue...
3- Cemetery Gates ya está siendo tocada con regularidad y vamos retocando las partes que no salen bien o que nos liamos...
4- Buen avance de nuestro proyecto de canción. Ya llevamos sacados unos cuantos riffs y la idea de lo que hacer en lo que nos falta. Y de momento tengo escrita una letra para una posible canción llamada como el posible nombre de la banda, "Full of Anger", que enseguida comenzaremos a retocar y encajar en la canción, por probar... al menos hoy yo intenté improvisar la voz sabiendo más o menos cómo escribí, y puede encajar bien...


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